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Nature Art Submissions
Started by Jadziaa

Nature Art Map Art Contest 
Hosted by: Flea 

Event ends: Monday, 27 May 2024 8PM British Summer Time 
Create a map art of nature! This includes flowers, weather, landscape! 

Rules - Please read carefully 
- The blocks placed on the art must be placed after 3rd May 2024 (discord announcement older) 
- 1x1 Map (Exceptions will be made for a max of 2x2 )
- The Map art must not already exists on the server
- You may only submit once
- You may work with other people - rewards will be split

How to submit!
Submit your submission on this thread with the following format:
In-game name:
Image of your map art 

Rewards - server of choice
🥇1 million +  2 Mythic keys + 1 Seasonal Key + Custom Pickaxe 
🥈500k + 1 Seasonal Key 

🎖Personal favourite map from Flea will get an additional mythic key! 

Any questions please contact Flea! Good luck!  



IGN: FluffyJei

Server: Lynx

IGN: BlackWallMute
Server: Lynx

Ign Flygon_Jinn_
Server Wyvern

IGN: Surimik

Server Wyvern

Ign: WirelessRiver

Server: Wyvern

Vaporeon River

  • x1

IGN: Majoneeeez

Server Wyvern


Title: Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge by Claude Monet
Server: Wyvern
IGN: Afbaff


IGN Majoneeeez

Server Wyvern

I cant delete the previous post, but this one looks better.