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Resurgence of Phoenix Community Town

The traffic to this area has declined since the introduction to /warp communitytown. so let's get together and revive the town! 

Server and location: Phoenix /warp communitytown

Theme: Build your own shop! Shop could be a bakery, book store, potion shop etc! Let your creativity go wild!

Submissions will close Thursday 23rd May 7:30PM (BST)

Nature Art Map Art Contest 
Hosted by: Flea 

Event ends: Monday, 27 May 2024 8PM British Summer Time 
Create a map art of nature! This includes flowers, weather, landscape! 

Rules - Please read carefully 
- The blocks placed on the art must be placed after 3rd May 2...

Spring Garden
Jadziaa2 months ago

Spring Garden 
This month's event is a build competition!  
Deadline for submission: Wednesday, 27 March 2024 20:00 GMT

Whilst it may not be spring across the world, the server is based in the UK. We are hosting a build event inspired by spring and the season of blossoming. You are expected to build a garden with a few requireme...

Spread the Love (Map art Comp)
We're looking you players to create a map of things they love! This could be your favourite food, character, game, book, animal etc!
You have until Friday 23rd Feb 9pm GMT to submit your maps! 

New Discord
ImEvo4 months ago

Hello All,

We are moving to a new discord! 


Now, your first question is most likely: why? 

Well, I have to bite the bullet and admit that I made a mistake by joking about my age in a public chat a couple of weeks ago, and Discord locked my account for it (I am 30). However, Discord is currently laying off 17% of their staff team, and as a result, response times to proof of age tickets are 31+ days. I cannot afford...

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