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Spring Garden
Started by Jadziaa

Spring Garden 
This month's event is a build competition!  
Deadline for submission: Wednesday, 27 March 2024 20:00 GMT

Whilst it may not be spring across the world, the server is based in the UK. We are hosting a build event inspired by spring and the season of blossoming. You are expected to build a garden with a few requirements!  
- Must contain water (e.g lake, fountain)
- Must contain flowers and trees (can be custom or not)
- It must be a garden, you can include statues, small huts but big buildings should not be included!

- If you build it with someone else then prizes will be split up. All names to be included when submitting
- Builds must be new, first block being placed after the announcement
- You can only submit once
- You must not follow any youtube tutorial. Builds must be original
- The build can not exceed bigger than 2x2 chunks (no build height)
- Builds on the Simple Survival Server only
- Bedrock players are allowed to participate and can submit their builds through discord messages to me only!

Submission Format: 
Minecraft in-game name:

🥇500 XP + 8 Games Keys + 2 Seasonal Keys + $1mill + Axe 
🥈250 XP + 4 Games Keys + 1 Seasonal Key + $500k
🥉100 XP + 3 Games Keys + $250k 
Seasonal key = whatever crate is out at the end of the month the key will be given e.g Valentines

This thread is for submissions only! 

  • x2

Minecraft In-game Names: ItzSmileyFun3433 , LuleBardi

Server: Phoenix

Coords: x35384, y118, z-25850

Minecraft in-game Name: ProspectUK

Server: Wyvern

Coordinates: Block: 18504 125 -22319

  • x1

Minecraft in-game name: The_Pogster
Server: Lynx
Coords: -29572 / 112 / 14353

PM me in-game if anyone wants to look round

Minecraft in-game names: SilkChicken, Superswagmayo

Server: Wyvern

Coords: 15504/66/12321

IGN: ValkHasReturned

Server: Wyvern

Coords: 12545, 94, -25356

Minecraft in-game name: InLaLaLand13

Server: Wyvern

Coords: x-2922/y80/z19946

The Magical Fairy Treasure Grotto

Minecraft in-game name SuperpiperUwU

Server: Wyvern

Coords: X-3338 Y63 Z-16

Minecraft in-game name: EmmaJS

Server: Phoenix

XYZ: 9578/138/-14640 

Minecraft in-game name: rabbeto
Server: Phoenix
Coords: -6765 117 25823