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January PVP
Started by Jadziaa

January PVP
This month's server event is a Player vs Player event in the servers duel arena! 

Rules and How to play: 
- You will start off by signing up to the event below with your in-game name and the server you play on!
- You will then either Sword or Axe fight another player (in one of the server's duel arena) either in a best of 3 or 1 match.
- You will be expected to fight the other person within 48h from each round being posted and if neither of the players reports the result to me or you forget to fight, I will pick a winner with a random name selector.
- How to send me the results? To make this fair you must send Jadz (on discord or website) a screenshot showing me you have won/lost. (A video is a bonus)
- The person who then loses the match will be eliminated from the event
- Rounds will continue till we end up with a champion! 

1st - 10 Games Keys + $500k + Champion Sword
2nd - 5 Games Keys + $250k
3rd - 3 Games Keys + $100k
4th - 1 Game Key + $50k

Registration ends: Thursday 25th January 9:00pm GMT
Afterwards the thread will be locked and rounds will be posted. I do recommend being on our discord to be pinged each time a round is posted and you don't miss it!


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MHHC, Wyvern


CubingXlego, Lynx








CosmoV3 / Wyvern

Cosmo <3



TERKK18 / Wyvern