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Winter Christmas Build Event
Started by Jadziaa

  Christmas Shop Build Event 

It's time for another build event! You are expected to build a shop set in the Winter + Christmas setting.
Your shop can sell anything (toy, book, grocery are just some examples!) Let your creation go wild!  

Event ends: Sunday, 24 December 2023 23:59 GMT

- If you build it with someone else then prizes will be split up. All names to be included when submitting
- Builds must be new, first block being placed after the announcement
- You can submit as many times as you wish and group with other people
- You must not follow any youtube tutorial. Builds must be original
- The build can not exceed bigger than 2x2 chunks (no build height) that includes decoration surrounding the shop
- Builds on the Simple Survival Server only
- Bedrock players are allowed to participate and can submit their builds through my Dms 

Good luck! 

Submission Format 
Minecraft in-game name:

 🥇 10 Winter Keys + Winner axe + 500k in-game cash
 🥈 5 Winter Keys + Winner axe + 250k  in-game cash
 🥉 3 Winter Keys + Winner axe +  100k in-game cash  

  • x1

Minecraft In-Game Name: ItzSmileyFun3433

Server: Phoenix

Coords: X -35336, Y 119, Z 4995

  • x1

Minecraft in-game name: roseverdict

Server: Phoenix

Cords: X -35354, Y 118, Z 5015

Minecraft IGN: TheEpicKitten

Server: Pheonix <3

Coordinates: -14640, 79, -35397

  • x1

Minercaft IGN: Knochelsche

Server: Lynx



The Build is smaller than 2 chunks, just spilt in 3chunks

so 1/4th - 1st chun;k 2nd chunk full and 3rd chunk 1/4th of the build - i hope this is still acceptable! 



  • x1
  • x1

Minecraft in-game name:Karmatic_7396
Cords:-35461 / 72 / 3858

Corners of the build are marked by dark oak poles

Minecraft in-game name: McRazyLupus

Server: Wyvern

Coordinates: -1952, 64, -2561

Pictures before all chests become presents:


IGN: _FreeWiFi

Server: Phoenix

Coords: -35426 / 129 / 5001


Minecraft in-game name: MidVile

Server: Lynx

Cords: 11187, 68, -5684


It's a small plot with a lot of limits but I can try lol

In game name: TheDabbingEnder

Server: Lynx (Da greatest)

Cords: -2571.212, 69.12500, 10192.423
I did my best, don't judge it too harshly I started late D: