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Started by Jadziaa

 Movies Map Art Contest!
Hi hi! I am here with a map art contest for you all to get involved with!
Theme of Build: Movies
Movies can include Harry potter, Disney, Marvel etc 
Just make sure the image + movie is suitable for all ages!
You have until 30th July 11:59pm British Summer Time to submit! 
- If you create the map with someone else then prizes will be split up. All names to be included when submitting 
- Maps must be new, first block being placed after the announcement 
- You can submit as many times as you want! 
- Map art must not already exist on simple Survival 

- Builds must be built on Simple Survival 
- Must be a 1x1 map only 
First place: 10 Summer Keys 
Second place: 5 Summer Keys
Third place: 3 Summer Keys 

Minecraft In-game name:



This thread is only for submissions for the event only! 

🥇Rabbeto (Bee Movie)
🥈Mel_Arky (Harry potter)
🥉BadBaron (Shrek)


  • x1

Minecraft in-game name: vavvy

Server: Phoenix

Movie: Princess and the Frog

Minecraft in game name: chaos5705

Server: Wyvern

Movie: The Lorax


IGN: justtvoidd

Server: Lynx

Movie: DBS Super Hero 

Minecraft in-game name: vavvy

Server: Phoenix

Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Bee Movie x Minecraft (Needed to exist heheh)
IGN: rabbeto

  • x1



Movie: Howl's Moving Castle

Ign: TchSgtSchmuckle

Server: Phoenix

Movie: All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

Ign: Bentooch

Server: Phoenix

Movie: Star Wars

  • x1

The photo isnt showing in my previous submission so here is another one:
Ign: Bentooch
Server: Phoenix
Movie: Star Wars

  • x1